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A little bit about Craig Zaduck (trading as Photo Transform)


Craig Zaduck (pictured here with his family) has been a high end digital photo retoucher for the past 20 years, having worked with professional fashion, beauty and still life photographers as well as graphic designers, advertising agencies and reprographic houses in the UK and internationally. His work has appeared in most leading fashion, beauty and trend related publications and on billboards across the country.


Retouching is an essential part of the photographic post production process which Craig has most certainly mastered the art of.

Go ahead and transform your photo shoots to "glossy magazine" level of professionalism!


Contact Craig today for a quote. Pricing is very reasonable - you will be amazed. 

Your first test image done free of charge!

Craig was invited in 2009 by Sky News to appear in studio to discuss photo retouching in general. Whether you agree with it or not, retouching / post production is an essential part of the process to get things looking great, whether it's just colour treatment or complete image manipulation.

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